A 50-Pound Pleasure Purveyor

At first, a big Thank You to Oriana for inviting me to her lovely weblog!

As a member of the male sex and an admirer of good craftsmanship and design, I feel obliged to regard the tools engaged in the art of coffee making. My first post covers a particularly desirable artifact, the Vitudurum V4. Oriana and I had the chance to taste an espresso produced by this machine, and we instantaneously fell in love with it (well, we did so before we even tasted the coffee).

Vitudurum V4 (copyright Vitudurum GmbH)Its double-circuit system, featuring a 1.5 l boiler for water and a 0.6 l boiler for steam, ensures continuous availability of perfectly tempered coffee ingredients. The superior thermal conduction of the copper tubing combined with a maximum pressure of 18 bars guarantees that the brew temperature of the delicious liquid doesn’t drop below the crucial 92°C level.

There’s not much to say about the design, it’s simply beautiful and timeless. If it doesn’t please your eyes, you’re a very lucky person because you can spend 2.790 CHF on something more reasonable without regret. All others may visit the Vitudurum website to learn more about this exceptional gadget and their other products.

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1 Response to A 50-Pound Pleasure Purveyor

  1. Coffee-Dee says:

    Dear nobbynobbs
    I accidently stopped by this blog and read about your experiences with the vitudurum V4 Espresso-machine. Allthough it’s more than a year ago that you wrote about falling in love with this machine and saving money to be able to get one in the near future, I thought: let’s try:
    I’m selling my two years old V4. It looks and works almost like new, has been handled very careful and just returned fully checked from the company in Winterthur. I’m selling it, because – espresso-fan that I am – I want to switch to something even more sophisticated (and expensive). So, if you’re still looking for a V4, this might be your chance.

    I would appreciate to hear from you
    greetings coffee-Dee

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