Cappuccino made by caffeamore


Originally uploaded by Oriana Zängerle

After showing you some of my favourite Cappuccinos I enjoyed in cafés, I now show you a cappuccino I made myself. I had to practise quite a bit just to manage a slight ornament in the direction of a rossetta, though I cannot manage a rossetta like in Schwarzenbach’s, because for that you need a machine like the Vitudurum V4, a LA CIMBALI or another expensive Italian or Swiss fabricate. I only have a Solis Master 4000 and try to make the best of it until I have saved enough money for a decent professional Espresso Machine. But anyway, creativity can unfold with almost every Coffee Machine, as long as there is a visible Crema. You just need to figure out a way how to create a smooth foam that has the right consistence.

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