Schwarzenbach Cappuccino & Scones

I’ m afraid my favourite Cappuccino in Switzerland, the Brasil Santos Cappuccino, is no longer available at Schwarzenbach’ s. However, there are other compositions of Arabica Coffee and only one has a small percentage of Robusta in it. That’ s the one I tried last time because they told me it was the one closest to the Brasil Santos, considering the taste and intensity of the flavour. It was not as good as the Brasil Santos and I think next time I might go with the Italian roast, but it was okay and the way the Cappuccino is made still is extraordinary. Don’ t forget to go there before 11 o’ clock in the morning if you want to have Scones with it. To me, such a breakfast is heaven. I’ m already looking forward to the next time, though I can’ t afford it too often. With average price levels rising, Schwarzenbach has also raised their prices. Cappuccino is now at CHF 5.20. I hope they’ ll get their good waitresses to cheer up a bit. That would make it the perfect Café in Zurich.

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1 Response to Schwarzenbach Cappuccino & Scones

  1. caffeamore says:

    As I discovered a few weeks ago, the Brasil Santos Cappuccino is available again! I was very pleased when I found out and tried it again: It’ s still as good as the first time I tried it! (By the way: so are the scones!)

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