Starbucks Cinnamon Roll

I have a slight aversion against Starbucks, since there are too many coffeeshops in Switzerland and I am for supporting the individual ones with no mass production. However, if I do come across a Starbucks and there is no other acceptable coffeeshop around, I go almost always with the cinnamon roll. I think it is not too sweet and is nice with a Mocha. I must add that prices are far too high at Starbucks, considering that it’ s a self service Coffeeshop and the products are average in quality. Also, it is plain to see that their profit margin is even bigger than the one of an individual coffeeshop and they do not support local preferences for coffee, since their products are supposed to taste the same way everywhere there is a Starbucks coffeeshop. I think this concept is not necessary in Switzerland, where small Cafés make such great coffee creations, but maybe it is necessary in other countries. I’ m all for a reduction of Starbucks coffeeshops in Switzerland. Go somewhere you’ re needed!

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