Good average in price and quality for Cappuccino at Café Dallucci

Since I’ m studying at the Bavaria Studios in Munich, a good café where I can go every day during break is a blessing. Fortunately, the Café Dallucci, which is the successing café to the Bavaria Bistro, is about the same in quality, pleasantness and friendliness. The Cappuccino looks just as good as before and costs only € 1,60. That is 30 cents less than before. Plus, even though my favourite barista Adriana is not there anymore, they have very friendly staff, and they speak Italian, too. I even prefer the new cups to the old ones, and the flair is a touch more elegant. They haven’ t got offers for people who drink a lot of coffee, but I think they intend to give out stamps so that you get every 11th coffee for free.

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