Cappuccino al Bar L’ Approdo (Campese, Isola Del Giglio, 2010)


Ciao a tutti!
I’ ve just returned from Italy and as always, I had a blast! It is high time I present you this cappuccino: I enjoy it everytime I’ m on the Isola Del Giglio in southern Tuscany. I enjoyed this little piece of coffee heaven at the Bar L’ Approdo in Campese.

The bar is conterminous to the beach and you have a direct view at the whole bay and at the torre del campese. But the pleasure already begins when you order the cappuccino: the barista is handsome and charming. In the evening you can enjoy a glass of wine and watch the sunset…it’ s just perfect! And the price is very low for an island: just 90 cents for the caffe’ and € 1.20 for the cappuccino. I’ m glad the bar is open in October now – I’ ll definetely return next year! 8 out of 10 stars!

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