Happy 2011! Here’ s the Pascucci Espresso Bio


Pascucci Espresso Bio

Originally uploaded by Oriana Zängerle

Happy New Year, dear coffee lovers!

Finding something suitable to introduce to you as the New Year Specialty is rather difficult in the jungle of mediocre coffee creations often served in Switzerland and Germany. But here, I have found an exceptional Caffé:

The Caffé Pascucci just opened its doors a month ago. It is located at the Seidenhof in Stäfa ZH. They also sell coffee beans and machines so you can enjoy a good coffee at home. Of course, the quality of the coffee served there is a few levels above, thanks to the excellent quality of the coffee, the machines and the skills of the barista. As mister Coppola, the owner of the shop, explained to me, a barista can destroy the potential of a great coffee bean and an excellent machine if he doesn’ t know how to operate the machine. For instance, an Espresso should never take more than 20 seconds to run into the cup, otherwise it turns bitter…
Anyway, this one, the Bio Espresso from Haiti, turned out great. 8 out of 10 Stars!!!

here’ s the link to the website: http://pascucci.ch/

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2 Responses to Happy 2011! Here’ s the Pascucci Espresso Bio

  1. So there’ s still hope for improvements in swiss gastronomy..Good to know!

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