Espresso & Macchiato at La Stanza

For almost four months I haven’ t drunk any normal milk now and I’ m getting quite used to drinking pure coffee-if the coffee is good, that is.
This caffé is italian by its look and taste, and it needs no sugar or milk! I enjoyed it at LA STANZA at Bleicherweg 10 in Zürich. It is very popular among the people working in the financial sector which is fairly strong in that area, for you can eat there at any time of the day and there’ s always a good caffé to give you a boost of energy. (Just so I’ m clear: sleep is still the healthier way to regain your strength) 🙂
LA STANZA has a magnificent atmosphere and a real italian charm, and it also radiates from the italian owners that work there.
7.5 Stars for the caffé and the Latte Macchiato.

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1 Response to Espresso & Macchiato at La Stanza

  1. Luki the Kuki says:

    Haha as I said. But only a 7.5? I had it better in mind…

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