Great Cappuccino at Adriano’ s, Bern

This Cappuccino was made by a Barista who reached the finals of the Swiss Barista Championships 2011. I was there to find out all about the best coffee and was amazed by the variety of creations presented there. Coffee is such a complicated field of expertise, you can have thousands of different blends, created with coffee of various heritages, some mixing Arabica and Robusta and some emphasizing that the best coffee is authentic. The roasting process is very delicate, and also there preferences vary; some people like a dark roast, others prefer a lighter taste. It’ s key to always consume your coffee when it’ s freshly roasted, and store it at a place not exposed to the sun. You should only grind as much as you can consume within the next 20 minutes.
The cup of this Cappuccino says it right: “freshly roasted”- and it’ s also been in beans until a minute before the coffee was running into the cup. The taste speaks for this procedure. This Cappuccino was made with normal milk, unfortunately many cafés don’ t offer lactose free alternatives – yet. I hope this will change soon, after all there are a lot of people who are allergic to lactose.

8/10 Stars for the Cappuccino!

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