Latte Art at Swiss Barista Championships 2011

Just look at that Cappuccino and assume it’ s as good as it looks. Wouldn’ t you be in coffee heaven? I was. All those great and extremely talented Baristi creating their specialities and a well trained and competent jury judging every single one of their performance. We also asked some of the judges how they cope with the amount of the coffee they have to drink during such a short period of time. One answer I got was that the espressi were no problem, but the drinks containing milk were heavy on the stomach after a while. I definately understand that. And looking at the large number of talented Baristi in Bern, I’ m confident that the gastronomy will pick up on the high level of coffee served and demanded by that growing number of people who care what kind of coffee they are being served after a delicious meal in a noble restaurant, and that everything, from the age of the roasted coffee, to the coarseness setting of the machine and the machine itself and the Barista making the coffee, is harmonized. These factors strongly encourage more Cappuccino looking and tasting like this one. I’ m keeping my fingers crossed. And many thanks to Martin Egger, Swiss Latte Art Champion 2010 for this Cappuccino.

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