Caffé Lunghi (medium roast in front, dark roast at the back) at Spettacolo







Returning to normal cafés after the heavenly experience of Barista Championships is hard..I find I’ m getting pickier by the week in choosing where I’ ll have my coffee if I’ m not at one of my favourite places. Anyway, my job is to find new ones that convince me with their atmosphere, friendly staff and good coffee creations. As is the Caffé Spettaccolo (a coffee chain, but a small one with italian charm). They have three different roasts of coffee: mild, medium and dark. The mild one also tastes as the name suggests, the medium has more body and a slightly stronger aroma, but the most intense in terms of taste and body certainly is the dark roast (at the back). The Tuna Sandwich is, as their other snacks, very good; so are their italian Amaretti!!!
They have local branches in several swiss cities, and with a Caffé Spettaccolo at Zürich Airport it is made sure you get a decent coffee before flying out or after landing. Without it, your alternatives are quite dull (I recently ordered a normal coffee at Starbucks-threw it away after one and a half sips!).

7.5 Stars for the caffé at Spettacolo for consistent quality, italian charm and always saving me when I’ m at the airport!!

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