Cappuccino and homemade sorbet at Restaurant Piccard, Luzern

As the photo indicates, the homemade sorbet in couverture is the true discovery at Restaurant Piccard, which is located at the Verkehrshaus Luzern. It was the coronation of a truely delicious meal. With it, I ordered a Cappuccino (at the right, in the slightly curved cup) and was a little disappointed. I’ ve had this experience quite a few times before: Going to a noble Restaurant, feeling fancy and enjoying a delicious meal and being disappointed by the coffee. I think it’ s a shame that in many Restaurants, coffee is considered a minor matter than the food that is being served. The ingredients for the dishes are being chosen with the utmost carefulness, but the owner often does not even know what kind of coffe he’ s serving. They still have normal or even higher prices for their coffee, though.

For me, coffee is a stamp for a Café or Restaurant. If I don’ t like the coffee, I’ m not inclined to visit the place again. The alternative is accepting the fact that coffee is only being chosen and prepared carefully at cafés whith Baristi who are trained to prepare an exquisite coffee and not at Restaurants, and the consequence is to skip coffee after your delicious meal and go to a real café for that icing on the cake. What a shame!

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