Caffé Lunghi and Waffles at Eiscafé Tormen, Hennef

Since I’ ll be in the area of Cologne and Bonn more often in the future, I’ ll have to keep my eyes open for good cafés there. After some truly disappointing experiences, for instance the fact that “Filterkaffee”, or the typical american coffee is still what you get when you ask for a cup of coffe in many Cafés that aren’ t located in the centre of a big town. This is one of the reasons why I was rather hopeful when I was made aware of the italian Eiscafé Tormen in the small town of Hennef. The Caffé Lungo really tasted good, although the crema was a little thin and vanished quickly. The gentleman accompanying me gave it a 7, I (since I compare it to the best I’ ve ever had and therefore it competing with several true Italian caffé) award it with 6.5 Stars. The waffles were really good, too. That’ s one thing I can say for the region: there’ s waffles on almost every corner (they’ re much harder to find in Swiss Cafés).

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