You won’ t believe it until you drink it: at Bar 127, Roma

I’ ve never had such a perfect, strong, yet not bitter or sour coffee in my life! Tazza D’ oro is nothing compared to this! It’s true what I always thought: you get the best caffè in a quiet via, looking unparticular and unadvertised, the barista is up to his job and doesn’ t need any kind of promotion besides his coffee to prove it. When asked he confirmed he makes his own blend of coffee and his wife bakes the pastries they sell. It’ s simple, and it works. The cherry on top is the price: €1,20 for the Americano, which is what they call a caffé Lungo in Italy. Here’ s the address to this place of coffee heaven:Bar al 127, Via Giulio Cesare 127, Roma. It’s right down the street from the Metro Station Ottaviano near the Vatican. 9 Stars for this marvellous caffè!

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