Cappuccino con Panna and Rhabarberstreusel at Café Löwenburger Hof

Since I’ ve never featured a Cappuccino con Panna on Caffè Amore before and I rather enjoyed this one, I thought this is the opportunity to introduce this italian speciality to all of you who don’ t know what it entails exactly. Normally, a Cappuccino con Panna consists of Espresso with foamed milk (like a normal Cappuccino) and the panna (italian for whipped cream) is added on top. This one was created just with coffee and panna, so it is actually more of a Mélange, like the Viennese drink it. Since I can’ t drink milk anymore (but cream is ok every now and then) I decided to try this coffee just with whipped cream. The coffee was rather strong, but quite well-balanced. The cream gave it that soft touch. The Rhubarb crumble was also very good. I enjoyed this afternoon break coming down from the Löwenburg in the Rheinland (near Cologne), at the Restaurant Löwenburg. Prices were acceptable. A 6.5 for the Mélange!

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3 Responses to Cappuccino con Panna and Rhabarberstreusel at Café Löwenburger Hof

  1. Thank you for a great post.

  2. caffeamore says:

    I’ m glad you liked it. I’ ll be posting more reviews of cafés in that region soon.

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