Best value for money coffeemaker for students

As a student who loves coffee you have to compromise between affordable, but still taste-wise satisfying coffee. It should also be a coffee maker that doesn’ t make a mess or takes half an hour to warm up – who has the time for such things? Certainly not a very busy student like me. So when I was looking for a coffee maker that would provide me with good italian coffee and make the night shifts easier, I did not want to drink filter coffee as is still a very common custom in germany, but I also couldn’ t afford a high-end coffee maker and didn’ t have the space for a bean to cup coffee maker. So there was only one option left for me: the Bialetti Brikka, the best Mocca coffee maker there is. It is very inexpensive, and still makes great coffee. It has a special valve to hold the coffee in until enough pressure has built up to create a wonderful crema. The rest depends upon the coffee you use. Also, don’ t heat it up at the highest heat level, try the smallest flame if you have a gas stove or a low temperature level on your stove (out of six levels, I always use level 2). Good luck with the fine tuning, but once you figure that out the coffee and the crema will make it worth your while!

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