Les Gourmandises de Miyuko: 3 kinds of scones, delicious homemade sweets and good Caffè

The café Miyuko (located at the Beckenhofstrasse, near the tram station “Beckenhof”) is one of the gems I recently discovered in Zürich. There are not many cafés I would describe like this. Miyuko, however, stands out from most of the other cafés with very carefully chosen and prepared sweets and snacks, you can even have a light lunch (they offer soups and warm and cold sandwiches). As I’ ve told you before, I LOVE scones. The ones on the picture are very close to perfect, and they are gluten free, lactose free and vegan. (you can also have them in normal, for those who don’ t suffer from those allergies). There was one with pumpkin seed, one with raisins and one with sencha (green tea). They were served with guava and strawberry jam. Although it takes some getting used to at first, those exotic flavours really are delicious and the combinations form a good symbiosis. I also tried the Espresso, which they get from Café Noir (a small roasting facility in Zürich). I liked it, it’ s quite well-balanced, a little on the sour side (which doesn’ t bother me), but the taste is not as long-lasting as it could be. 7.5 Stars for the Espresso. The homemade pralines they serve with it, especially the one with cinnamon and dark chocolate, is extraordinary! So is the engagement of the owners who also run the place. I’ ll be back!


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