Cinnamon Cappuccino with sheep’ s Milk

In winter, when it’ s cold and stormy outside, there are certain spices that can make your Cappuccino even “warmer”, which are for example chili, ginger or, most popular with me, cinnamon. Chili and ginger are more suitable with chocolate, I think. I’ ve got a grinder with sugar and cinnamon mixed. So after you fill your cup with coffee, you add some cinnamon and, if you like, also a little vanilla, and then add the foamed milk (for those allergic to lactose you can always take sheep’ s milk, as I do). As is clearly visible on the picture, I am no pro at Latte Art and I do not have a professional machine with high pressure to produce great foam. But the brikka still makes excellent coffee! What would I do without it? Those studying days would be so much harder 🙂

What winter-related coffee recipes do you know, or at which place have you tasted such a creation? Please comment below!

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5 Responses to Cinnamon Cappuccino with sheep’ s Milk

  1. I like cinnamon too, it’s very comforting. It must be difficult to find sheep’s milk in cafes, or do you go for the soya option? I visit lots of tearooms in Scotland (I’m writing a book about it) but I’ve never been to Switzerland. There are just too many tearooms and not enough time!

    • caffeamore says:

      Hi, first of all thanks for visiting, liking my post and commenting! In cafés there are only the options of soy milk, oat milk or lactose free milk. I’ ve been trying to convince people sheep’ s milk is great because it has a very neutral taste and is suitable with lots of ingrediences. But for now I can only enjoy it at home. I even talked to a few baristi at the Swiss Barista Championships who said they would give it a try. Hopefully they like it!
      Thanks for visiting, I hope to see you on my blog again soon! Greetings from Switzerland!

      • I hope you can convince people to try it. I’ve never seen it for sale anywhere, I guess it’s pretty specialist. Do you get it at a health food shop? I’ll certainly be back to look at your lovely blog again 🙂

  2. caffeamore says:

    In Switzerland, I even get it at Migros, which is the biggest grocery shop chain in Switzerland.

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