Espresso e Espresso con Panna at Ristorante da Ernesto, Lucerne

I have a new territory to discover coffee-wise: Lucerne. So far, I have not found anything worth posting, and this coffee isn’ t exceptional, either. I think it’ s time to show you what the average Espresso in Switzerland in one of the most frequented cities still looks like. When I don’ t know the hot coffee spots in a town, I have some rules to avoid the total disaster. I mostly go for the Italian Cafés and Restaurants, figuring they have at least had good coffee at home. This Espresso is a little above average in quality, and way above average in Price. 5.90 for a caffè con Panna. And this ratio of panna compared to the coffee is disastrous! Not only is the coffee covered entirely with cream, the coffee was cold when I had managed to drink off the cream. For a positive example of a caffé con panna, check the following post

I don’ t mean to be harsh, but I was really upset by the relation of price and quality of this Ristorante. It was the Ristorante da Ernesto in Lucerne. It is located directly at the Reuss, which explains why they get away with such mediocre products. People pay for the view. It’ s just like the Rathaus Café at the Limmatquai in Zürich. Same difference! 6 Stars for the Espresso and Espresso con Panna.

Please, if anyone knows a decent Café in Lucerne, let me know! Comments are very welcome!

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