Kirschtorte, Espresso and Cappuccino at Christen Beck, Beckenried


Beckenried is a beautiful village at the shore of Lake Lucerne. It is the perfect place to spend a sunday afternoon, and you can get there by a mundane paddlesteamer. But it gets even better once you’ ve arrived: there, the Christen Beck awaits! Their baked goods are so tasty I don’ t even know what to recommend most, but I picked two of my favorites: one, the Kirschtorte, a swiss specialty. It’ s exquisite! Two: the strawberry tarte. And, of course: the coffee is great, too! The schiuma of the Cappuccino looks pretty good, and I’ m told it tastes as it looks. The Espresso is well-balanced and altought their strong suit is the baked goods, the coffee is well above average. 7 Stars for the Espresso and cappuccino, 9 Stars for the exquisite baked goods!

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5 Responses to Kirschtorte, Espresso and Cappuccino at Christen Beck, Beckenried

  1. 9 stars? That’s quite a rating! I must say, it looks and sounds wonderful, arriving by paddle steamer and then being confronted with such amazing cakes.

    • caffeamore says:

      Well, as I said the bakery got 9 stars. Yeah, it really IS impressive! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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  4. Greenwall says:

    Nice weblog over here! I’ll just wanna say thnx for that.

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