The queen of Macarons: Luxemburgerli

The last few days have been monsoon-like, there was no trace of summer. Until today. Macarons are great with coffee, they lighten up the day or improve it even more if the weather happens to be good. Those on the picture aren’ t just random Macarons, they are the best there are: Luxemburgerli by Sprüngli. If you’ ve ever tried them, you won’ t forget their unique taste and look. They also have special editions, this time they had a Bellini-flavour (you know, Venice’ s official drink, consisting of peach puree and prosecco). It’ s delicious!

Luxemburgerli (clockwise, starting left): Marc de Champagne, Caramel, Citron, Abricot, Chocolate, Raspberry, Vanilla, Bellini (in front)

For those who prefer the creamy flavors, let me make a few suggestions: marc de champagne (my favourite),  chocolate and caramel with fleur de sel. Delizioso! So now that summer apparently has arrived, a coffee with a Luxemburgerli on the terrace sounds like heaven, doesn’ t it?

Check out the sweets page for more ideas as to what sweets you could try with coffee.

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2 Responses to The queen of Macarons: Luxemburgerli

  1. That does indeed sound like heaven!

    • caffeamore says:

      It is. And it also lights up the day 🙂 Have you ever tried them? I’ m sure they’ re great with tea, too.

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