Espresso at Café für Dich, Zürich

I’ ve been incredibly busy working, so I apologize for not having posted for so long. However, this café is a new discovery, shown to me by a friend of mine. It is called Café für Dich and is located at the Langstrasse, near the Bäckeranlage.The Café combines everything I look for in such an establishment: friendly staff, beautifully decorated interior, you can sit outside when it’ s warm enough and are not disturbed by the noise, for the tables outside are in a little side street. And, of course, most importantly, the coffee is good. They also offer their lattes, Cappuccinos etc. with Soy milk, which is essential.

7.5 Stars for Café für Dich!

What do you think about this Café? Have you been there? Please comment below!

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2 Responses to Espresso at Café für Dich, Zürich

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