Peru Arabica Fair trade Espresso and Chocolate cake at Café Noir

I discovered a new Café in Zürich, one I had heard about from several people, and found it was time I checked it out: Café Noir. They also roast their own coffee and some of the Cafés I featured on this blog use their freshly roasted black gold, among them the Café Miyuko.

The Espresso seen here is their special Bio Fair Trade Arabica from Peru. I also tried their house roast blend, which I found agreeable, though different. I actually preferred the house roast to the Fair Trade Peru. They are both well-balanced, the house roast has left a more distinct memory of what it tasted like, the Fair Trade is less special. Price: Fr. 3.80.

I spoke to the Barista and asked him what they offered in terms of lactose free products. He said they sometimes have lactose free milk, but not always. I suggested they try sheep’ s milk, and he said they will consider it. I will return to learn if they have actually tried it. I hope so!

By the way: The chocolate cake was very good: moist, and not too heavy, but real chocolate taste! Just as it should be!

The Espressos get 8 out of 10 Stars!

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