Winter Specialities at Henrici

Henrici’ s Baristi had the opportunity to create their own very special winter coffee speciality.

I tried them with my friend Lydia; she and I did our first cafe review many years ago, long before Caffe Amore existed. Back then we had a dreadful experience with the waitress of the Cafe we reviewed. She brought our Cafe Melange and we had to pay before we got a chance to try the coffee. It was overly expensive and, as we soon found out, they served horrible coffee. I never went there again.

Sandra’ s Power Shot (front) and Irina’ s Castagnetta at Henrici

Fortunately, our experience at Henrici was nothing like the first one at that dreadful café. I took her here because I knew I could rely on team Henrici to make our second coffee experience together a positive one. And I was not disappointed. I had Irina’ s Castagnetta, which consists of Espresso, chestnut puree, whipped cream and chestnut pieces. The only thing I missed there was the instruction to stir before drinking it, because the chestnut puree is at the bottom. If you drink it without stirring, the upper part is mainly espresso and whipped cream, and the bottom is too sweet. If you stir, the mixture is well-balanced. For someone who likes chestnut, like me, the drink is perfect in winter!

Lydia had Sandra’ s Power Shot, with Hazelnut Liquor, Espresso and topped with Whipped Cream, served in a shot glass. Lydia awards it with 8 stars, and I can only agree on Irina’ s Castagnetta.

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