Rome Series 2013 – Nr. 1; Espressi and Zabaione at Ristorante al 59, Roma

I visited my favourite city, Rome, again and am still daydreaming about the marvellous week I spent there: the culture, the language, the food – and – the COFFEE. So I thought it high time to dedicate a special series to this fabulous place where – admittedly – the streets have quite a distinct smell and the Italians still have to learn cleanliness, but when it comes to their food and their coffee, all of Europe can learn lots from them.

Rome, the eternal city, is fabulous in March – and every coffee lover’ s paradise!

Plus, I’ ve got my 100st post (!) coming up soon, and I do not feel like always praising the same swiss cafés when they are not really willing to go with the consumer’ s wishes and look at alternatives for cow milk, other than soy milk or that disgusting stuff called oat milk. My repeated request to at least give sheep’ s milk a try still has not reached swiss Barista’ s ears, so I say it again: try sheep’ s milk! It has such a sweet and neutral taste, it is similar to cow milk, but I even like it better. You can buy it in the supermarket (Migros) or fresh from a farmer, whatever. I am looking for Cafés which always try out new things the costumer might like, and lately I missed that innovative spirit in Swiss Cafés. Prices are rising, but Quality still varies greatly. I do not mean to decry them in general, I am very excited for Thursday’ s TNT for example, and I hope they do think of those people who are lactose intolerant and would still like to try one of their Cappuccinos.

So to celebrate the countdown to my 100st post, I will present you with my hotlist of Roman Cafés I tried in 2013. I hope those Cafés are an inspiration to every coffee afficionado, whether you own a Café or just want some tips as to which Cafés in Rome might be worth a visit.

Espresso and Zabaione at Ristorante al 59, Roma

Enough with the preliminary remarks, from hereon out it’ s all going to be about the fascinating Ristorante al 59. It is a true gem. We were surprised it is so good and the waiter is so charming and familiar also because of its vicinity to Via del Corso, which is THE shopping mile of Rome. We had a delicious dinner, and the waiter was very friendly and interested in Caffé Amore. I was very curious if the coffee could keep up with the fantastic food. We also had Zabaione with chocolate sauce for desert, which was as good as the rest of the food. The coffee was, to my delight, just as good as the desert. I award it with 8.5 stars! This is what I’ m hoping to be able to write everytime I try a coffee. If yours is as good as that one, everyone will be happy:-)

Here is the adress of the Ristorante:

Ristorante al 59, Via A. Brunetti 59, 00186 Roma

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