Coffee and Torta Della Nonna at Café Glueck, Meilen


The Café Glueck opened last fall in Meilen and gave the town a Café which offers a cozy and stylish break from it all. Their Coffee is above average, I would even go as far as state that they have the Best Coffee between Tiefenbrunnen and Rapperswil. The Torta Della Nonna is one of my favourite sweets to enjoy with a Coffee and theirs is, though a little too moist, quite close to perfection. Prices are fairly high. And the biggest drawback is that they are not open on sundays! I sure hope this will change soon…?

The staff are very kind and attentive. Combining this fact with the quality of the coffee I award 8 out of 10 Stars. I’ ll return soon to make sure they keep up the good work!

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