Espresso and New York Cheesecake at Bros, Beans & Beats 

We visited recently opened Bros, Beans and Beats in Zürich Wiedikon on saturday with high expectations. The name already suggests that the owners are keen to serve high-quality Coffee, Made by a barista. I asked them. Each of the founders have their field of specialty: wine, coffee, and being good hosts are at the heart of their concept. I applaud those high aims. There should be more cafes in Zurich willing to meet consumer’ s needs of excellent coffee quality, and giving coffee the same amount of attention and care as wine or food. Did you know there are not just sommeliers for wine, but for coffee, too? Well, there are 😉

The team of Coffee, Beans, and Bros are welcoming and friendly, the ambiente is urban, modern and cozy. And – most importantly – the coffee is very good. It has been quite some time since I discovered a new cafe with such a good Espresso. They use Henauer’ s pure Arabica, consisting of Bolivian and Indonesian coffee beans, which is biological. Accompanying the Espresso, the New York Cheesecake was equally outstanding.

In pricing, the Cafe is at an acceptable level for Zurich. You pay 7 CHF for the Cheesecake, however, as I mentioned, it is excellent. What I do not understand is the price difference between Espresso and Americano (50 Rappen). There should be the same amount of coffee in both of them…

May the Bros, Beans and Beats continue their journey in this way, bringing some joy into Zurich’ s coffee world! I shall be back, to see whether they add a Single Origin Espresso to their menu. That would make it THE place to be!

8.5 out of 10 stars for the Espresso, and well-deserved!

Bros, Beans and Beats, now open.

Gartenhofstrasse 24,

8004 Zürich

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