Espresso at Alpineum, Luzern

The Café Alpineum is located just next to the Gletschergarten near the Lion Monument in Lucerne. The ambiance is really nice, they also serve little meals. They use coffee roasted by Rast Kaffee, which is quite good. It is a bit on the bitter side for my taste, but the Espresso has a strong body and a little acid note. They offer lactose free milk, though no Sheep’ s milk.

8 Stars for the Espresso.

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Peru Arabica Fair trade Espresso and Chocolate cake at Café Noir

I discovered a new Café in Zürich, one I had heard about from several people, and found it was time I checked it out: Café Noir. They also roast their own coffee and some of the Cafés I featured on this blog use their freshly roasted black gold, among them the Café Miyuko.

The Espresso seen here is their special Bio Fair Trade Arabica from Peru. I also tried their house roast blend, which I found agreeable, though different. I actually preferred the house roast to the Fair Trade Peru. They are both well-balanced, the house roast has left a more distinct memory of what it tasted like, the Fair Trade is less special. Price: Fr. 3.80.

I spoke to the Barista and asked him what they offered in terms of lactose free products. He said they sometimes have lactose free milk, but not always. I suggested they try sheep’ s milk, and he said they will consider it. I will return to learn if they have actually tried it. I hope so!

By the way: The chocolate cake was very good: moist, and not too heavy, but real chocolate taste! Just as it should be!

The Espressos get 8 out of 10 Stars!

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Espresso at Café für Dich, Zürich

I’ ve been incredibly busy working, so I apologize for not having posted for so long. However, this café is a new discovery, shown to me by a friend of mine. It is called Café für Dich and is located at the Langstrasse, near the Bäckeranlage.The Café combines everything I look for in such an establishment: friendly staff, beautifully decorated interior, you can sit outside when it’ s warm enough and are not disturbed by the noise, for the tables outside are in a little side street. And, of course, most importantly, the coffee is good. They also offer their lattes, Cappuccinos etc. with Soy milk, which is essential.

7.5 Stars for Café für Dich!

What do you think about this Café? Have you been there? Please comment below!

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The queen of Macarons: Luxemburgerli

The last few days have been monsoon-like, there was no trace of summer. Until today. Macarons are great with coffee, they lighten up the day or improve it even more if the weather happens to be good. Those on the picture aren’ t just random Macarons, they are the best there are: Luxemburgerli by Sprüngli. If you’ ve ever tried them, you won’ t forget their unique taste and look. They also have special editions, this time they had a Bellini-flavour (you know, Venice’ s official drink, consisting of peach puree and prosecco). It’ s delicious!

Luxemburgerli (clockwise, starting left): Marc de Champagne, Caramel, Citron, Abricot, Chocolate, Raspberry, Vanilla, Bellini (in front)

For those who prefer the creamy flavors, let me make a few suggestions: marc de champagne (my favourite),  chocolate and caramel with fleur de sel. Delizioso! So now that summer apparently has arrived, a coffee with a Luxemburgerli on the terrace sounds like heaven, doesn’ t it?

Check out the sweets page for more ideas as to what sweets you could try with coffee.

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Strawberry tarte and Cappuccino at Christen Beck, Beckenried

And to complete the collection, here’ s my other favourite baked good from the Christen Beck: the Strawberry Tarte, with 5 layers: puff pastry, then dark chocolate, vanilla pudding, whipped cream and strawberries. Just like my Birthday cake. The only think I don’ t like is the (unfortunately common) layer of fruit gelatine. For a review of the coffe, check the previous post.

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Kirschtorte, Espresso and Cappuccino at Christen Beck, Beckenried


Beckenried is a beautiful village at the shore of Lake Lucerne. It is the perfect place to spend a sunday afternoon, and you can get there by a mundane paddlesteamer. But it gets even better once you’ ve arrived: there, the Christen Beck awaits! Their baked goods are so tasty I don’ t even know what to recommend most, but I picked two of my favorites: one, the Kirschtorte, a swiss specialty. It’ s exquisite! Two: the strawberry tarte. And, of course: the coffee is great, too! The schiuma of the Cappuccino looks pretty good, and I’ m told it tastes as it looks. The Espresso is well-balanced and altought their strong suit is the baked goods, the coffee is well above average. 7 Stars for the Espresso and cappuccino, 9 Stars for the exquisite baked goods!

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Pascucci Coppolini Espresso on their mobile stands: delicious!

Pascucci has started the mobile coffee project called “Coppolini”. They have stations on various train stations in Zürich, such as Stadelhofen, Oerlikon, Enge and are also present on Letzigrund stadium. For a complete and updated list of stations visit their website. They use the Pascucci coffee, which is very high quality. I tried the Espresso, which is very well-balanced. The barista was friendly, too. 7.5 Stars for the Espresso. It cost CHF 3.50. That’ s reasonable for Switzerland, and a bargain for Zürich. The only thing missing for me was something small and sweet, like Amarettini, Tartufi, Bacetti, Cantucci or the like. That would make it the perfect spot for my coffee to go!

Go check it out!

What did you think of Coppolini? Do you like their concept? Where do you drink your coffee? Take a second to participate in this poll

or comment below.

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A good example for an Espresso con Panna: COE Ruanda Burmera at Henrici

I promised you a positive example of a Caffè con Panna, which is an Espresso with a LITTLE whipped cream on top. The ratio of cream and coffee is very important. If there is too much whipped cream, the Espresso is cold by the time you get to it. I miss the Ruanda Burmera Cup of Excellence (COE) at Henrici, by the way. Hope Tito discovers equally good coffee gems in Costa Rica! Can’ t wait to try them.

8 Stars for the Ruanda Burmera COE.

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Espresso e Espresso con Panna at Ristorante da Ernesto, Lucerne

I have a new territory to discover coffee-wise: Lucerne. So far, I have not found anything worth posting, and this coffee isn’ t exceptional, either. I think it’ s time to show you what the average Espresso in Switzerland in one of the most frequented cities still looks like. When I don’ t know the hot coffee spots in a town, I have some rules to avoid the total disaster. I mostly go for the Italian Cafés and Restaurants, figuring they have at least had good coffee at home. This Espresso is a little above average in quality, and way above average in Price. 5.90 for a caffè con Panna. And this ratio of panna compared to the coffee is disastrous! Not only is the coffee covered entirely with cream, the coffee was cold when I had managed to drink off the cream. For a positive example of a caffé con panna, check the following post

I don’ t mean to be harsh, but I was really upset by the relation of price and quality of this Ristorante. It was the Ristorante da Ernesto in Lucerne. It is located directly at the Reuss, which explains why they get away with such mediocre products. People pay for the view. It’ s just like the Rathaus Café at the Limmatquai in Zürich. Same difference! 6 Stars for the Espresso and Espresso con Panna.

Please, if anyone knows a decent Café in Lucerne, let me know! Comments are very welcome!

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Cinnamon Cappuccino with sheep’ s Milk

In winter, when it’ s cold and stormy outside, there are certain spices that can make your Cappuccino even “warmer”, which are for example chili, ginger or, most popular with me, cinnamon. Chili and ginger are more suitable with chocolate, I think. I’ ve got a grinder with sugar and cinnamon mixed. So after you fill your cup with coffee, you add some cinnamon and, if you like, also a little vanilla, and then add the foamed milk (for those allergic to lactose you can always take sheep’ s milk, as I do). As is clearly visible on the picture, I am no pro at Latte Art and I do not have a professional machine with high pressure to produce great foam. But the brikka still makes excellent coffee! What would I do without it? Those studying days would be so much harder 🙂

What winter-related coffee recipes do you know, or at which place have you tasted such a creation? Please comment below!

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