Espresso Made with Rocket R58

ROCKET R58.jpg

I was visiting a friend who showed off his fabulous Coffee Machine. You can make hot water, milk foam and Espresso. The taste of the Coffee varies daily, depending on temperature, humidity and so on. Of course, this kind of machine requires a lot of experimenting and practice. I still dream of having one of my own one day…The owners of this marvellous Rocket R58 have been practising for a year and say it is only just now that they are happy with the coffee they make.


At last, they have found the right balance of which coffee, adjusted the fineness of grinding and know exactly how long it should take for the water to run through: no more than 30 seconds. This example shows how complicated and extensive the enterprise of having such a coffee machine is. The world of coffee is full of wonderful and dreadful experiences, which in the end result in the perfect coffee experience. To be enjoyed by those who ventured out to try new things. Isn’ t that wonderful? To me, it is!

By the way: this is my 100st post. I will try new things and approach every Espresso with an open mind and heart. We’ ll see what I encounter next. Thanks for following my journey. And as always, comments are very welcome!


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1 Response to Espresso Made with Rocket R58

  1. Nice blog!
    You have been doing a very nice job in Zurich area.
    We are working on a similar project with
    How can we get in touch with you?

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