Espressi (house blend and Single Origin Ruanda Burmera CoE) and white Mocha at Henrici

Who knew an afternoon with a friend would turn out to become a coffee revelation? My gal had the white mocca with oat milk (lactose intolerance really is a common problem), which she, as a lover of really sweet coffee drinks, awards with 8 (!) Stars for its balanced, harmonic taste!I ordered the special single origin coffee Henrici offers, which changes every now and then, and I got the normal house blend by mistake, too. So what did I do? Compare the two, of course. The one on the left, with the dark crema, is the house blend, which tastes ok, but in comparison to the Single Origin, which is from Ruanda and belongs to the Cup Of Excellence 2010, it had no chance! I’ m no (certified) coffee expert, but I would agree with the judges that the Single Origin coffee is extraordinary! 6 Stars for the house blend, 7.5 Stars for the Single Origin! Oh, and a smile to that charming barista 😉

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2 Responses to Espressi (house blend and Single Origin Ruanda Burmera CoE) and white Mocha at Henrici

  1. Layla says:

    Hello guys,
    Just to let you know that the coffee at this gorgeous little shop in the heart of Zürich was wonderful. As I do have a sweet tooth, the oats milk really gave the coffee that extra wow factor. I think people even if they are not lactose intolerent should really experience other types of milks such as sheep, goat, oat and soya milk. Explore the different opportunities that are around.
    Thanks Oriana, looking forward to do it again.

  2. hey there

    I came across your blog as I was looking for restaurant and coffee tipps for my Rome vacation and have to say I’m really glad I found it! In fact my cousin and I used to to something similar to what you’re doing on this blog: drink coffees (back then it was only in our hometown and Zurich) and take some notes on a napkin rating the taste, price etc. I used to keep those napkins as a souvenir. Just wanted to share it. 😉


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