Single Origin filter coffee “la cascada” brew-it-yourself at Henrici, Zürich

For a couple of weeks, Henrici has been offering the filter coffee, which is brewed by the customer at the table. They use a single origin coffee which might change from time to time, at the moment they offer the “Cascada” single origin coffee from Guatemala. It has a solid, rather mild body and a slight acid note, ending with a smooth aftertaste. I congratulate Henrici for their innovative spirits and think it is great that the costumers can experience the brewing of the coffee. However, for me it would be a bit too complicated to brew my own coffee everytime I visit Henrici, and I’ m looking forward to the single origin Espresso which they haven’ t offered these past weeks, but which should be back soon (they promised). 8 Stars for the “Cascada” filter coffee!

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4 Responses to Single Origin filter coffee “la cascada” brew-it-yourself at Henrici, Zürich

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