Munich surprises me: Marvellous Cappuccino at Cafe Vits

There were many average Cappuccinos in Munich so far, but very few really good ones. This is the first one here I can call outstanding without exaggerating. It really is the best Cappuccino I ever tasted in Germany, and certainly the best one in Munich so far. My boyfriend had a white chocolate with vanilla and coconut flavour that tasted like paradise (I had to convince myself he wasn’ t exaggerating so I tried it). I’ ll take a picture of it the next time I visit this marvellous café. It is located near the Isartor and called “café Vits” as you can read on the cup. The adress is Rumfordstr. 49, 80469 Munich.  The prices are ok- 2.50€ for the Cappuccino and 2.90€ for the hot chocolate- and there are seats in- and outside. The waiters are very friendly. The café is only open during daytime. Check the website for exact opening hours.

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