Caffé Goldbraun, Bonn

Caffé Goldbraun, Bonn

Originally uploaded by Oriana Zängerle

I was in Cologne and Bonn for the weekend and thanks to an insider I got to check out the exquisite Caffé Goldbraun in Bonn. I would never have found it by myself, but I can understand that people who’ ve been there once would want to return. I was so fascinated I don’ t know where to start..One of the points I like particularly is the fact that you can choose between normal, low fat, soy or lactose free milk. The Cappuccino opposite is made with lactose free milk (which I tried for the first time in my life). I didn’ t taste any difference to normal milk. The taste of the Cappuccino was perfect: the consistence of the coffee, the milk, the blend and the whole aroma just blew me away.
The design and atmosphere are also nice-you can sit next to the windows, some people use it as a creative workplace and in summer you can sit outside. All thumbs are pointing up! 8 out of 10 stars!!!
Here’ s the adress:
Am Hof 26a
53113 Bonn (Bonn-Zentrum)

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