Latte Macchiato and Soy Caffé Bicerin at Henrici

The Caffé Bicerin contains chocolate sauce (Gianduja) apart from milk and coffee. Unfortunately, not even the chocolate can make the soy taste of the milk less apparent. It’ s such a shame they don’ t use sheep’s milk as an alternative at Henrici. Apart from that, I’ m thrilled by their Baristi’s artworks and the taste of their coffee creations and food. I do admit it’ s subjective what milk you like, so I stick to normal coffee without any milk when I’ m there.

As for food, I tried their vegetarian Flammkuchen, and it tasted excellent! The atmosphere is very cosy, and sometimes they have Live music in the evenings.
Henrici also had a Barista at this year’ s Swiss Barista Championships on January 27th to 29th in Bern. She participated for the first time and chose the category Latte Art; I watched her perform and was impressed: the pressure is very high in front of an audience so well educated in coffee, and although she was nervous at first, she controlled herself and made beautiful coffee creations.

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